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Jun 20 2014

6 Tips for Finding an LGBT-Friendly Employer

President Obama is set to sign an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Thirty-two states currently don’t have specific laws banning discrimination based on gender identity.

Jun 12 2014

5 Tips for Retaining Diverse Employees

Imagine moving to a new city. The tourist areas seemed great and you took a bold risk by moving there based on your stellar vacations. But now that you live there, you’re slowly realizing...

May 22 2014

8 Reasons to Hire a Veteran this Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches and America’s fallen soldiers are honored, there are plenty of those who have made it back that could use a job. And contrary to popular belief, many have highly-useful skills that translate well into the corporate world. Here are seven reasons to hire a veteran this Memorial Day.